Let's change it up!

Hey friends, we trust you're all keeping well!  We've just hit the United States again... for a month!  Needless to say, a very well deserved month off. 

Since we got back from our 4 month tour at the start…

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Post tour exploits and onwards!

Hi friends!  As usual, its been a long time between blogs.  We've been back home in the warm arms of the Far North now for 6 weeks after our three month Backroads Tour down to Tasmania and back.  We realised…

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New album 'Backroads' available on Boxing Day!

Hi friends,  Its been a while since we last posted.  2018 has been a busy year indeed for Lady Valiant.  We've travelled across the country to play at some excellent festivals, cranked out over 150 gigs, met new friends, recorded…

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New stuff and 2018...

Hi friends, its been a while since our last post.  Time has a habit of steaming away from us at no less than light speed so please excuse the tardiness of our updates of the goings on in the world…

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The Eclipse U.S Tour

Well, it's been some time since our last blog.  These things happen when you're having too much fun.  So far we've been in the US around 5 weeks, covered thousands of kilometers and had a great time with our party…

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Tis' almost the season!

Hello again friends and fellow music fiends!  Its that time of year again...late November.  Like it is every year, and we're starting to wrap up 2016.  What a year it's been for Lady Valiant, we've done upwards of a hundred…

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2017 & Beyond

Hi hi hi there friends...its been a while since our last post, but a busy few months its been in Lady Valiant Land.  After a hectic first year for the team, the end is almost in sight for our 2016…Read more

Oz Summer Tour News

Hi friends! 

As you may know from our last post we have just begun planning our Australia summer tour.  We plan to head down the East Coast stopping at our favourite places and some new ones thanks to your recommendations…Read more

Festivals, Tours & Fun

Hi friends, its been a while since our last blog so we thought we should pull our finger out and get something down.  This time of year is always a busy time for us, being the dry season in the…Read more

A new member joins Lady Valiant

Hi friends, it's been a while since our last post, we hope you are all spectacular and loving life!
Things have been pretty busy in the Lady Valiant camp of late.  Were still in the process of mapping out our…Read more

Debut gig on Aussie soil

What a night friends!  Thankyou so much to all you guys who came out to Paddy's to have a listen, we had a great night and played our little legs off to you all.  Your support means everything to us…Read more