2017 & Beyond

Hi hi hi there friends...its been a while since our last post, but a busy few months its been in Lady Valiant Land.  After a hectic first year for the team, the end is almost in sight for our 2016 expoits and mayhem.  Its been great and we've been blown away with all the support, compliments and love we've got from all our new friends and family on our new venture, it makes us want to drive in harder next year and we have every intention of doing just this.  Firstly, some updates...we've decided to post pone our end of year tour until we can incorporate it with our debut album release to really drive it home with you all, stay tuned for dates.  Instead we will be heading to Western Australia for a short holiday, yep thats right HOLIDAY.  No gigs. We feel its well deserved, but we will however be checking out some suitable rocking venues in Fremantle, Margaret River and the likes for future tour potentials.  Secondly, our new album has both been slightly delayed yet elevated after the offer from one of our biggest fans to pay for studio time and production came to light.  The love and generosity just never ends, its next level stuff...literally.  And it changes our world immensely.  Much love to you Bad Billie Lynes.  So, now the pressure has shifted to Lady Valiant to get our collective shit together and sort our originals to studio ready status and get it done, we've gt some good stuff in the pipeline.   This is, however what the wet season in Far North QLD was invented for...musicians to get neck deep in their own tunes, too hot or wet to go outside for too long, its time to get busy...and busy we shall.  We have so big news coming in 2017...it's going to be a great year.  Much love to you all...xxx