Let's change it up!

Hey friends, we trust you're all keeping well!  We've just hit the United States again... for a month!  Needless to say, a very well deserved month off. 

Since we got back from our 4 month tour at the start of April we went straight back into gigs in a big way, we've spent the last 6 months cranking out our tunes around Far North Queensland as well as attend and play at some proper inspiration inducing Festivals.  As for now, we're back in Georgia for two weeks then we head up to Seattle and Canada for another two.  No doubt the time will fly so we intend of stuffing in as much fun as we can including catching a few of our favourite bands (one was supposed to be Metallica!)  With no tour planned for this Summer we've allowed ourselves plenty of free time over the wet season to concentrate on our new songs that have since remained unfinished over 2019.  We have some pretty cool production ideas this time around and some great new riffage, exciting stuff! 

Which brings us to our next topic:

Lineup addition!  We're happy to say that we will now have Stacey Brown, fiddle fiend, and family member joining us for our Festival shows, weaving some savage fiddle through the Lady Valiant sound on the big stages.  We also have a couple more announcements of 2020 news that we can't let out of the bag just yet, but it won't be long.  There's good things coming!  As you know, change is as good as a holiday so we decided to try something that not many are doing.  Holiday is also as good as a holiday so I'm going to get back to mine!  Until then, Cheers from LV!